• Are you responsible for the security of information?

    No, we are not responsible for the safety of your data. We highly recommend storing a backup copy of hosted data on any external storage or using our backup hosting service

  • Do you make backups?

    For VPS, we use a hardware and software solution - Storage Area Network (SAN), which allows us to store user data in multiple copies on different physical disks and different hardware systems, which greatly increases the likelihood of data safety that you entrusted to us.

    Also, to save the state of the virtual machine before important changes, you can use snapshots (snapshot).


    For the shared hosting service, daily backups are made.


    The information that is on the hard drives of dedicated servers and servers hosted on colocation is not reserved by us in any way.


    We also provide an additional backup hosting service, which is an offline storage that can be connected via FTP, SCP protocols or set up backup using rsync.


    In any case, we recommend that you additionally back up your data to a geographically remote site. For these purposes, services such as GoogleDrive, YandexDisk, etc. may be suitable.

  • How can I download a backup?

    You can download a backup copy only for shared hosting services.

    To do this, in the control panel, go to the "Backups" section, select a copy for the desired date and click "Download"


    You can download backups that are stored on our Backup Hosting by connecting via FTP, SCP protocols or using the file manager built into the control panel.

  • Скільки коштує місце під резервне копіювання?

    З цінами ви можете ознайомитися за посиланням .

  • How do I enable backup on a live server?

    You can use the instructions provided in our knowledge base

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